My name is Jenny, and I share my food-related posts from India.

After a long time, I’ve decided to write something about my blog so that you get to know a little bit more about the background stuff. So, let’s begin this fun ride –

About me & ReciPickr.com

I am very passionate about food, though I’m not really particular about any certain type of food. I can eat almost everything that is cooked and seasoned to the perfection.

My love, passion, and respect towards food have helped a lot in exploring several cuisines, and now I’m using this experience to share some knowledge with you all on this blog.

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you might have noticed that I try to diversify the topics. I don’t like the monotonous nature of recipe blogs, which is the reason why I post on many different food topics on this blog.

What to expect from ReciPickr.com?

After completing the daily chores, I get very less time to concentrate on my blogging hobby. But I still try my best to keep up with everything, as I love to engage with new people through this medium.

As you know, I don’t post here on a daily basis because I strongly believe in the quality of work. I don’t want to serve undercooked content to my readers, so please bear with me.

Having said that, I will try to post more by maintaining my high standards and will never compromise on the quality.

I do have some exciting plans for this blog, though it depends on my offline work as well as blog’s progress in terms of readership. And of course, it won’t be possible without your support.

I need your constant support, so please do share my posts on your favorite social networks. It will help our small community grow faster and stronger in no time.

One last thing…

Thank you for taking your time and reading about my blog. I’m glad that you’re showing your valuable interest in this creative work.

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