Kadi Patta – Health Benefits & Uses in India

Kadi Patta, also known as Curry Leaves in English, is a must-have ingredient in India’s vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian curries.

It has been used in different forms for many centuries, but now these leaves are commonly used as a spice in most of our dishes.

However, Kadi Patta’s usage is definitely not limited to spice up the flavorful curries. It is considered as a natural alternative to fight quite a few human diseases.

Since it’s one of the most underrated spices in our food culture, I wanted to shed some light on its less known aspects. So, let’s begin with the introduction of Kadi Patta.

Kadi Patta

Native to India and Sri Lanka, it grows as a tree and can reach up to 4-6 meter in height. For regular use, you may also plant it in your kitchen garden. It gives decent supply of curry leaves each month.

You can store the fresh leaves in refrigerator for more than a week. Some people also like to use dried curry leaves in their recipes, though you will not get the same flavor with them.

Health Benefits of Kadi Patta

Now, let’s learn about the healthy reasons for you to include these leaves in your meal.

Important Note :- You should consult your doctor before using these leaves as home remedy.

1. Eyesight Improvement – Fresh curry leaves can help improve your eyesight.

2. Nausea Prevention – Whenever you feel like vomiting, add some chopped curry leaves in a glass of butter milk (Chaas) and drink. It should help stop Nausea in quick time.

3. Diabetes Control – Kadi Patta can keep your Diabetes in control if included in your daily meals.

4. Metabolism Improvement – If you’re facing some trouble with your tummy, you should chew fresh Kadi Pattas in the morning. It will give you good relief from upset stomach.

5. Cholesterol Control – Want to lower your Cholesterol limit? Eat these leaves with your breakfast juice. Follow this practice every other day and see the results in next few weeks.

Kadi Patta helps in decreasing blood sugar and Cholesterol content from your body.

In case you don’t like the taste, you should soak the leaves in water for at least couple of hours and drink the strained water later.

6. Hair Nourishment – If you don’t want to spend money on commercial hair nourishment products, use Kadi Patta oil!

Here’s how you can make it at home –

  • Heat oil (4 teaspoon) in your Tadka pan and add fresh curry leaves (7-8 nos.) in it. Let them turn black.
  • Switch off the flame and remove the leaves using spoon.
  • Cool this oil on room temperature for 30-35 minutes.

Apply this oil on your hair and scalp just before bathing. Then, wash it off thoroughly with shampoo.

This homemade oil will reduce your untimely hair fall as well as discoloration.

7. Weight Loss – Since Kadi Patta is known for metabolism improvement, it will automatically help remove toxic/unhealthy contents from the body. This way your body digests food quickly and reduces unwanted fats.

For quick results, you can start chewing 4-5 fresh leaves every other day.

8. Cancer Prevention – Kadi Patta also protects your body from malicious cancerous cells. According to a Scientific Research by Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, the Alkaloids present in these leaves kill the harmful cells.

Apart from this, it can greatly reduce the adverse effects of Chemotherapy.

9. Calcium Source – Curry leaves are a good source of vitamin C, which means you can eat them to combat Calcium deficiency in your bones.

10. Face Care – Kadi Patta powder can make your face glow, when you use it with other essential ingredients like Multani Mitti, Rose water, etc.

11. Anemia Prevention – Anemia can be prevented by daily consuming curry leaves, as it’s also a good source of Iron.

12. Acne Cure – It can cure Acne problems to certain extent, though it’s recommended to use organic leaves for the creation of paste.

How to use Kadi Patta in Indian Food?

Have a look at these traditional uses of Kadi Patta –


As we all know, Kadi Patta is mostly used as Tadka/Tempering in several dishes. You just have to fry the leaves along with other ingredients such as mustard seeds, asafoetida, Urad dal and red chillies.


Powder the dry curry leaves in a grinder and store it in an airtight container. That’s it!

Add this powder in your dal dishes to enhance the overall flavor. It also tastes good in deep fried snacks like Samosas, Stuffed Bhajiyas, etc.

Chutney –

Curry Patta chutney goes well with South Indian snack dishes.

For its preparation, follow this quick recipe –

  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. Fry the mustards seeds, asafoetida, urad dal, ginger garlic paste and green chillies in the same order. Cook for a couple of minutes.
  3. Add this mixture, grated coconut, salt and water in a grinder, and grind into a chutney.

Chivda and Farsan Preparations

You may add lightly fried curry leaves in savoury dishes like Chivda and Farsan.


Isn’t it a hidden gem of Indian cooking?

When I started my cooking experiments in the kitchen, I surely didn’t even know that the curry leaves can have so much medicinal value. And I’m sure many of you were unaware of some of these benefits prior to reading this post.

Well, now that you have learned the importance of Kadi Patta in our food culture, I think you should start using them more often in your preparations.

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