50 Popular Indian Snacks for Kids

Sometimes, I feel Indian mothers are so fortunate that we have such a diverse food culture in the country. But unfortunately, it doesn’t help much when you’ve kids demanding new snacks every other day.

Many kids love to enjoy the fast food items available on roadside stalls or funky food joints. However, these items can’t be certified healthy as far as preparation methods are concerned.

And that’s when the question arises – what to make for a snack at home?

Since the quality of outside food is a big issue in India, you don’t want your kids to suffer from upset stomach or any other harmful diseases. It’s always a good idea to treat them once in a while with homemade Indian snacks.

In the following list, I have tried to post all the Indian snack delicacies that are satisfying the tastebuds of millions of food lovers across the globe. Use these basic ideas and start making Indian snacks for kids!

Vegetarian Snacks Ideas

India is a hub of vegetarian snacks. Here are some mouth watering tea time food items –

1. Vada Pav/Aloo Bonda – It is a complete meal in itself. Your kids won’t ask for anything after munching on a couple of Vadas.

2. Kanda Bhaji – It is a very simple type of fritters, as you only need onion juliennes and gram flour batter for its recipe. For its healthy version, use the Appam pan to fry the bhajiyas.

3. Aloo Bhajiya – If Vada Pav is too heavy on stomach, you can easily make shallow or deep fried Aloo Bhajiyas. Just dip the potato slices in gram flour batter and fry till you get the crisp golden color. That’s it!

4. Bread Cutlets – It can be made with fresh or leftover/excess bread slices. There are two versions of these cutlets i.e. with or without potato stuffing.

5. Mix-Veg. Upma – This simple variation of regular Upma can help you feed vital nutrients to the kids. The addition of vegetables makes it even more healthy in terms of nutritional value.

6. Sheera/Rava Kesari  It is a very basic sweet snack, and your kids will definitely like it if served with cashew nuts. Check the recipe here.

7. Gajar Halwa with Dry Fruits – Halwa may not be a typical snack item, but it surely is an amazing alternative to other unhygienic desserts. You may serve it with hot chapati if the kids are too hungry.

8. Veg. Lollipops – Vegetable Lollipops can be a nice trick for you to introduce your kids to Cauliflowers & Carrots. If you are not interested in making the usual lollipops, make the potato mixture with different minced veggies. Apply this mixture on candy sticks and deep fry in oil.

9. Aloo Chaat – Don’t have time for long preparations? Try this Delhi snack. Cook the potatoes and Kabuli chana in pressure cooker to save few more minutes.

10. Ragda Pattice – For this recipe, prepare some extra Chhole masala in lunch and use the same masala along with Aloo Tikkis in the evening. This way, you will not have to spend more time on the gravy preparation.

11. Ragda Puri – It is a slightly healthy alternative to Ragda Pattice. Instead of making tikkis, stuff the mashed Chhole masala in Puris and top up with fresh curd, chutneys and sev.

12. Bhel Puri/Jhal Muri – It is one of the simplest snack items you’d find on Indian streets. Prepare it when the kids are not in mood of having oily dishes.

13. Pani Puri – Mung beans don’t have much taste to themselves, but use them with Pani Puri and see how it turns out. These boiled beans effectively enhance the nutritional value of this unique delicacy.

14. Sev Puri – It is one of my favorite Indian snacks, as you get to enjoy several different flavors in just first bite of puri. Serve a plate full of Sev Puris to your kids, and just watch their reactions.

15. Lemon Bhel – It is a popular delicacy among Mumbaikars, though you’d find it in very few stores. You can store it for quite a few weeks if not months.

16. Nan Khatai – It is also known as a Parsi biscuit, as Parsi hotels used to serve the Nan Khatais with tea. These cookies can be baked in Ovens, Microwaves and Airfryers.

17. Medu Vada – This deep fried snack goes well with South Indian chutneys and tomato ketchup. Unlike many vadas, it has a very mild taste. 

18. Idli – There is no other Indian snack that can match to the nutrient value of Idlis. It should be on the top of your must-try healthy snacks’ list. For kids, you might try some other variations such as Masala Idli, Idli Fry, etc.

19. Sambar Vada  – If the Medu Vada sounds too bland for you, pour some hot South Indian Sambar on it. That’s it! Your Sambar Vada is ready to serve. In some places, they also serve Batata Vada as an accompaniment for Medu Vada.

20. Dosa Varieties – There are so many varieties of Dosas you can make at home, and no one should stop you from experimenting with it. It’s like a blank canvas where you can paint whatever you want.

21. Uttappam – It is a thicker version of Dosa and looks similar to Pizza. Kids would certainly want to try it if you tell them it’s an Indian version of their favorite Pizza.

22. Chilli Bhaji – Even though Rajasthani Chilli Bhaji or Mirchi Vada doesn’t taste too spicy, please check the pungency of chillies before making this snack at home. Serve it with sweet snacks so that it can balance the taste.

23. Semiya Kheer/Upma – Semiya (Vermicelli) can be an alternative to Semolina Upma and Rice Kheer while making these delicacies.

24. Mung Dal Bhajiya – Bhajiyas are not considered as a healthy food item, but Mung Dal bhajiya can be an exception in that list. If you want to avoid potato and onion versions, this bhajiya should be your next option.

25. Samosa – It is a very popular snack across all states of India. And now, you can make its healthy versions with the help of new Airfryers too.

26. Dhokla – This gram flour based savoury cake would be a great idea for kids parties. It is a light snack, and doesn’t hurt tummies.

27. Sandwich Varieties – In case oily food is not something you wanna make, try different Sandwiches as filling snacks. Your simple homemade veg. toast sandwich will keep the kids energized at least for few hours.

28. Misal Pav – This spicy Maharashtrian snack dish can be a good change from regular snacks. Just add less spices while making it for kids.

29. Paratha Varieties – All its varieties taste so amazing that you can’t resist to have more than one paratha.

30. Thalipeeth – Parathas require a lot of oil than normal Indian breads. So, Thalipeeth is relatively a decent alternative for you, as it can be cooked in minimum oil.

31. Paneer Tikka – It is probably the most easiest form of tikka you’d ever find in India. Coat the spices on Paneer cubes and put it inside your Tandoor or Oven. This is basically what you need to do for the perfect Paneer Tikka.

32. Besan Ka Cheela – When your kids are super hungry, prepare a quick Besan Chila and serve hot with chutneys or tomato ketchup.

33. Tomato Omelette – When your kids are little less hungry, take your time and make this vegetarian omelette.

34. Dahi Kachori – This kachori definitely needs more preparation time than most of the other Indian snacks, but the outcome would be worth your waiting time.

35. Chole Bhature – It is also a complete meal dish in itself, which means you can prepare it for lunch as well as dinner. As a snack, it would be an excellent item for mini parties and family celebrations.

36. Sabudana Khichdi/VadaSabudana (Tapioca Sago) is quite beneficial for health. So, do try and make Khichdi or Vadas out of it.

37. Momos – These dumplings from North-East are very much different from our regular Indian snacks. And therefore, it would be a great idea to treat your kids and family members with this unusual snack item. Check the recipe of Momos Chutney here.

38. Frankie – The frankies have become really popular in metro cities in recent time, as people don’t have time to sit around and enjoy their meals. Since it’s more of an advanced version of Roti-Sabzi, you shouldn’t have many problems in its preparation process.

39. Farsan/Chivda – Just like Lemon Bhel, both these tasty items can last for few weeks. The best thing about these snacks is that you can mix them in several dishes to get the crunchy texture.

40. Khandvi – It is one of the most loved snacks in Gujarat, and people like it a lot due to its soft and delicate design. Khandvi can be an instant-hit snack item, as it melts in your mouth like butter. As far as taste is concerned, it is comparable to perfect pasta dishes.

Some more veg. snacks ideas – Dabeli, Puran Poli, Bhujia, Bhakarwadi, Namakpare, Stuffed Mushrooms, Nimki.

Non-vegetarian Snacks Ideas

Like non-veg. food? Here are some traditional as well as modern Indian snacks for you –

41. Tangdi Kebabs – It’s more like a desi version of lollipops. And it also requires less amount of oil, which is good for kids’ health.

42. Chicken Lollipops – These lollipops are hot-favorite amongst teenagers. So, if you present them with a dish full of lollipops, they will be the happiest kids on this planet.

43. Chicken Tikka – Many moms don’t like to prepare chicken on bone recipes for their little ones, and the reason is very much understandable. In such situations, the boneless Chicken Tikka is a safe way to keep their hunger away.

44. Fried Chicken – The tikkas can become dry if not prepared with the right directions. Instead, the simple fried chicken is much easier to make at home.

45. Prawns Cutlets/Fish Cutlets – The cutlets have always been the secondary items to Vadas & Samosas, but they do taste equally good. Try these seafood varieties of cutlets for a change.

46. Tandoori Prawns – This traditional Prawns delicacy is a must-have dish for any non-vegetarian party.

47. Chicken Koliwada – This Indo-Chinese snack is a cool option for those who don’t like Indian non-vegetarian snacks. Check the recipe here.

48. Kebabs – These all-time hit dishes can help lift the mood of your family. Most of its variations don’t require much oil or spices.

49. Chicken Fingers/Bullets – You will not have to explain anything about this dish to your kids. Its finger/bullet shape and spicy taste will do the job for you.

50. Rava Fried Prawns – This Malvani style preparation is so delicious to taste that you’d not stop licking your fingers. Use shallow frying technique for perfect results.


As you’d have noticed, I tried to post as many popular snacks as you might find on famous food centers in India. These snacks can also be tweaked in many other versions, and you don’t have to worry about health concerns.

This post is also special for the Indian families who have been living in foreign countries for many years. If you’re missing ‘ghar ka khana‘ and are bored with not so good Indian restaurants, try making these snacks in your kitchen. The recipes are easily available on many websites as well as YouTube channels, so the preparation shouldn’t be a major concern for you.

Over to you :-

What are your favorite Indian snacks that you like to prepare for kids? Do you care about the health factor while making such recipes?

Do let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below.

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