Vada Pav Chutney Recipe

Mumbai’s most favorite delicacy, Vada Pav, can never be complete without its chutneys!

Many street food stalls, nowadays, serve the green chilli chutney and tamarind chutney along with this snack, but these accompaniments do not make the best combination.

If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of hot piping Vada, you gotta have it with spicy red Vada Pav chutney and fried green chillies. Other chutneys are just secondary, for me at least.

Some of you might think that it would generate quite a lot of heat in the stomach. Well, you’re absolutely correct. And you should probably not even try it if you’re used to having food in Western countries.

Vada Pav Chutney

However, that’s how we like to enjoy our desi burger. The heat factor gets sidelined due to its divine taste.

In case you still want to taste this Vada Pav chutney, you just have to ask the vendor. Here are some other popular names for this condiment –

  • Sukha Chutney
  • Teekha Laal Chutney
  • Mirchi ka Chutney
  • Lasun ka Chutney

And if you don’t live in Mumbai and still craving for this snack, then the best option is to make it at home. The dry chilli-garlic chutney preparation requires very less ingredients, and its making procedure is far more easier than other chutneys, especially Dates-Tamarind chutney.

How to make Vada Pav Red Chutney?

This type of Vada Pav chutney can be made in two different ways i.e. Simple & Advanced style. Both the chutneys taste great, so there is no point in comparing them.

I like the simple version of this chutney more, as it doesn’t take much time. You can easily make it in less than 5 minutes.

Note – You will have to adjust the spice level as per your taste.

Simple Style

Ingredients –

  • Coconut – 1 cup, desiccated
  • Red Chilli Powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Garlic – 3-4 pods, peeled
  • Salt to taste

Instructions –

1. Roast the desiccated coconut till it becomes light brown in color.

2. In a grinding jar, add the roasted coconut pieces, red chilli powder, garlic pods and salt.

3. Grind everything to coarse chutney.

Done. That’s how easy it is to make this chutney! Now, let’s have a look at the other style.

Advanced Style

Ingredients –

  • Sesame Seeds (Til) – 2 tablespoon
  • Peanuts – 3-4 tablespoon
  • Coconut – 4 tablespoon, desiccated
  • Red Chilli Powder – 1-1/2 teaspoon
  • Garlic – 3-4 pods, peeled
  • Green Chillies – 2 nos, finely chopped
  • Oil – 2 teaspoon
  • Salt to taste

Instructions –

1. Roast the sesame seeds, peanuts and coconut pieces separately in the pan.

2. When you’re done with the roasting process, take them aside and heat some oil in the same pan.

3. Once the oil heats up, add the garlic pods, green chillies, roasted ingredients, red chilli powder and salt.

4. Stir-fry these ingredients for a couple of minutes.

5. Let everything cool down for few minutes. Now, grind them in your chutney grinder to fine consistency.

This chutney definitely requires more ingredients and time. But, it’s worth it! The pleasant coconut & peanut taste that you get in the end is just unmatchable.

How to store Vada Pav Chutney?

It should be stored in a clean air-tight container, and do not place the container in hot environment. The humid environment would help the bacteria formation process.

And since we have used coconut in its recipe, it won’t last good for too many days. So, finish it within a week or so.

Tips for Leftover Vada Pav Chutney

If you couldn’t finish the prepared chutney, do not throw it away. Here are some tips to make the best use of your leftover chutney –

Coating Mix

Like spicy potato chips?

Then, there is no harm in using this chutney as a coating mixture to make your favorite chips or pakodas.

The seafood lovers can also apply it on the outer skin of fish for shallow-frying technique. It will be a good substitute for regular flours.

Pizza Accompaniment

Try the spicy Vada Pav chutney in place of chilli flakes. You will love this Indian touch to your Italian pizza.

Similarly, you could use it to spice up the South Indian dish Uthappam.

Masala for Coconut-based Curries

As this chutney contains coconut and other spices, I think it will enhance the taste of some of the Indian dishes. The traditional delicacies like Baigan Bharta, Malvani Fish Curry and Dry Roast Chicken will easily absorb its flavors and taste.

Conclusion –

As mentioned above, I like to enjoy this street snack with this good old dry chutney. And I am sure you’d also switch to it, when you will try it yourself in your kitchen.

So, what do you think of this chutney? Is it too spicy for your appetite? Do let me know in the comments.

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