Best Wet Grinders in India

Wet Grinder is probably one of the coolest tools in our modern-day kitchens where we could experience the new technology along with old concepts.

This awesome kitchen gadget can definitely make the batter making process much easier and efficient for you. And if you love to eat healthy South Indian snacks on regular basis, I’d recommend you to get this tool as soon as possible.

What is a Wet Grinder?

It’s an advanced version of traditional grinding stone tools. The new generation wet grinders make use of electric power and stones to replicate the traditional batter/paste making process.

Apart from this, it can also be used to make Chutneys, Soups, Masalas, Purees, etc.

Best Wet Grinders in India

Elgi Ultra and Premier provide top-notch quality of wet grinders in India. So, you should definitely check out their models as per your requirement.

Capacity1.25 to 2.5 litres1.5 to 2 litres
StonesPatented Conical Grinding StonesCylindrical Grinding Stones
Instructions ManualYesYes
Additional Features & Optional AttachmentsAtta Kneader, Coconut Scraper, Batter CleanerTilting and Table Top Wet Grinder Available, Atta Kneader, Coconut Scraper, Chocolate Mixer
110 Volts ModelAvailableAvailable
Warranty5 to 10 years5 years on motor
Price Range~ Rs. 6000 to Rs. 9000~ Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000

Some other well-known manufacturers like Prestige, Preethi, Panasonic, Bajaj, and Butterfly also offer efficient wet grinders to Indian consumers.

Things to consider before buying a Wet Grinder

Ready to buy a new wet grinder?


I know you must be eager to get your hands on it, but do take a look at the following important tips –

1. Time Consuming Process

Unlike your mainstream grinder, these small machines do take a considerable amount of time to prepare soft and fluffy batters/pastes for you.

So, if you want a quick and easy way to get the batter, go for the highly rated mixer & grinder. The wet grinder will take its own time, like good ol’ techniques, to grind the pulses into a smooth batter.

2. Frequent Use

Depending on the frequency of usage and requirement, you should think of getting a wet grinder for yourself.

It’s not a very expensive item, but it can just sit around and occupy space in your limited kitchen area. If you don’t make such batters frequently, I’d not recommend this gadget to you.

Instead, you can buy a heavy duty mixer and grinder, which can solve the purpose as per your needs.

3. Batter Quantity

Yes, the batter quantity will also play an important role in selecting your new wet grinder.

If you want to use this tool for a family of 3-4 people, I’d suggest you go for small grinder i.e. something around 1.25 liters.

Now, you may ask why should I opt for such small machine. Well, there are a couple of reasons for it –

  1. It will help you save a lot of electricity.
  2. It will require less time to grind less quantity of batter.
  3. It will cost you less money.

As you can see, it’s better to go with the requirement of your family. Don’t buy something that may not be fit for your regular use.

4. Quality

There is no point in compromising on the quality while buying useful kitchen gadgets like a wet grinder.

Some of the vendors do sell cheap alternatives in the market, but you should refrain from buying them. These replicas won’t last long, and you will have to shell out more money in a couple of months or so.

5. Durability

While considering a wet grinder, you should also check out its stone quality. The granite stones used in these machines will actually tell you more about their durability.

So, make sure you check the cracks and damages on such stones before making the purchase.

And if you’re looking to buy it from online eCommerce sites, do read the user reviews and check for the warranty period.

6. Size

As mentioned above, you don’t need a large-sized wet grinder for a small family.

Therefore, you should make the decision as per your requirement. Even if the vendor tries to sell such grinder, don’t fall for it.

Also, the bigger machine will have more weight, and you may face trouble in moving it from one place to another.

7. Noise

Many manufacturers have started to introduce low-noise machines for home use. So, you should definitely check them out!

Don’t buy an old system for the low price, as it can ruin your experience with high noise levels. It’s wise to invest your money in something that offers good value.


I hope this post helps you in buying your new kitchen gadget.

If you have any doubts and questions regarding this topic, drop a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer them soon.

Meanwhile, for those who’ve already been using these grinders, do share your experiences.

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